The company “Kervani” was founded in 1986. The product produced and manufactured by him has been dominating the market for many years. All of Kervan’s products guarantee the company that it will be at the forefront of its activities in the coming years. Kervan packaging is known in the foreign market by the company “kesepak” whose head office is spread over 3000 square meters.
The company “Kervani” creates a brand and has high quality products. We prepare packaging and design for you. At your company’s request, we guarantee quality …
If you need packaging for your brand, for production, logo design our company is always ready to produce you productive and high quality products. For your brand and production.
The company “Kervani” has been offering the Georgian market disposable tableware, packaging materials and branded products for many years. Our company cooperates and cooperates with all leading companies, restaurants and hotels in Georgia. Our quality and high service have made us the first in Georgia and monopolists in the market. We create quality products for you.
Thank you for your trust and cooperation.

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